Members of the North Charleston Rotary Club visited Lowcountry Orphan Relief for our August service project.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Inc. (LOR) is a non-profit organization that provides goods and services to children who have been abused or neglected. They work directly with other non-profits, schools, foster parents, and government agencies to identify the individual needs of these and other children in severe situations. LOR intervenes at critical junctures in the lives of these children, with products and services that provide a strong, positive impact.

After a tour and overview by LOR staffers Allie Witmer, David Hall, and Caroline Johnson, we dived in.

Helping to sort and create care packages were Don Smith, Molly McCartha, Kevin Isaac, Jan Cappellini, Chris Jones, Eileen Chepenik, Troy Strother, Steve Parker, and Jim Gooden.

North Charleston Rotary at Lowcountry Orphan Relief
(l-r) Jim Gooden, Kevin Isaac, Jan Cappellini, Troy Strother, Molly McCartha, and Chris Smiith
North Charleston Rotary at Lowcountry Orphan Relief
(l-r) Troy Strother, Jan Cappellini, Kevin Isaas, Don Smith (rear), Chris Jones, and Molly McCartha